Friday, April 8, 2011


Just so everyone knows, comments have now been enabled!

So, if there's a secret that you feel you can really relate to in any way, please, feel free to leave an anonymous comment on the blog :)


  1. Do all the secrets you received in the UC get posted on the blog? My friend said she made a secret a few days ago and it never made it onto the blog. I hope you don't pick and choose because you are promoting this as an "anonymous community of acceptance"

  2. I'm sorry that your friend hasn't seen her secret but it could be that we just haven't uploaded it yet! We're uploading the secrets that we've collected daily, much like the original Post Secret does (only they post weekly). We've been posting about 10 secrets per day but, due to the amount of secrets we have collected (369 - more than we'd expected!), we'll be bumping that up to 20 per day. Tell your friend to keep checking back because, eventually, all secrets will be uploaded onto the blog :)