Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guelph Post Secret 3.0 - We're Back!

Hi all, we've got some more exciting news: we're not done with Guelph Post Secret yet! We'll be collaborating with the CSAHS Student Alliance to host yet another Guelph Post Secret event as part of Orientation Week 2013. More information is soon to come, just as soon as we get everything finalized. So, stay tuned!

In the mean time, if you're in Guelph early and are looking to give back to your UoG student community, Guelph Post Secret is looking for volunteers. Interested? Just send me, Jennie Hissa, a private message or email my gryphmail account (jhissa). Hope to hear from you soon :)

(Psssst - be sure to tell all your friends!)

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